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Manage Payroll Smartly

From 401k to benefits reconciliation, our payroll accounting services offer it all! With Tickmarks, you’ll never look for another online accountant.
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Ensuring Accuracy, Offering Expertise

Payroll accounting is time-consuming. And when not done right, they cause compliance problems. Tickmarks offers specialized payroll and virtual accounting services that leapfrog over any issues. Adept at tracking employee compensation and other payroll costs, we’ve catered to businesses across multiple industries. Our team consists of deep domain experts that keep accuracy, quality, and security paramount. With us, you get complete confidentiality and transparent communication.

Small Business Payroll Accounting

Seeing You Through Challenging Times With Hassle-Free Payroll Accounting. We offer you comprehensive payroll solutions that cover consolidation of payroll inputs, processing of tax and payroll reports and meeting compliance requirements. We manage it all with accuracy and efficiency!

Payroll - What We Do

Tickmarks payroll accounting is quick and always on time so that your employees are remunerated on schedule. Some of the outstanding services we support are:

Payroll- What We Do

  • Monitoring process designed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • Review salary hike approval evidence
  • Monitor changes in payroll numbers
  • Verify employee commission and bonus

Payroll Journal Entries

  • Record gross wages
  • Calculate payroll costs
  • Record payroll withholdings
  • Manage payroll transactions


  • Review the elected 401(k) actuals
  • Conduct a completeness check to ensure employee eligibility
  • Determine deduction amount with accuracy checks
  • Conduct employee-contribution base-line checks
  • Assess the calculated employer contributions
  • Perform periodic 401 (k) true-ups

Post Entries & Reconciliation

  • Produce precise accounts data
  • Assist in business decision-making
  • Ensure work efficiency
  • Offer a higher return of assets
  • Ensure bifurcation of tax expense accounts

Flexi Benefits Management

  • Addition and removal of employees
  • Calculation of holidays
  • Communicating with service providers
  • Minimizing the paperwork
  • Helping HR team to focus on crucial job aspects

Time Sheet Assimilation

  • Assess and calculate payroll liabilities
  • Ensure accuracy of calculations
  • Ensure payments are made accurately
  • Calculate pay per employee
  • Manage business timesheets

Tickmarks supports these HR & payroll processing applications

Payroll Accounting - A Must For Every Business

Tickmarks’ payroll accounting services make the job easier for you. We minimize paperwork and admin and let you focus on more critical aspects of a business. As your attention stays on core competencies, your business grows faster.
When we handle your payroll needs, you reduce overhead. Moreover, your staff becomes more productive. In the long run, it’s cost-effective.
Our experts not only work to meet your divergent payroll needs, but also ensure that your confidential information is kept secure by all means.
We leverage tech to simplify complex payroll processes. This reduces your risk of fines and penalties due to late or inaccurate filing.
When you have experts like us working for you, you know payroll accounting is in good hands. We ensure that your payroll is processed in an accurate and precise manner.

Why Choose Tickmarks?

We are well-versed in a wide range of payroll accounting areas. We consider your business and employees and tailor our payroll accounting services. Tick Marks is always the right choice because:
  • Accuracy is our promise
  • On-time delivery is our signature
  • Personalized reporting is our specialty
  • Reduced operational costs is our strong suit
  • Data confidentiality is our forte
  • Multiple payroll software and apps are our mastery

Accelerate Growth With Tickmarks

When you put your payroll accounting in the hands of experts, you accelerate growth. Know how we make your job easier.
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We deliver end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping solutions to small and medium businesses and enterprises worldwide and help you meet all your compliance and regulatory requirements.